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Wu-Crass Hoodie


Image of Wu-Crass Hoodie

Gold Print on a Black Funnel Neck Hoodie

The neck is not flat and looks like this a little bit: https://images.express.com/is/image/expressfashion/0022_05328344_0919_f001?cache=on&wid=480&fmt=jpeg&qlt=85,1&resmode=sharp2&op_usm=1,1,5,0&defaultImage=Photo-Coming-Soon

Black Hoodie Only. Only 3 were ever printed: 2 L's and 1XL.

Size disclosure: They are printed on one size up but those sizes run small. A "Small" Hoodie wearer would order a medium. If you order a Large, you will get a large size but it will be printed on a small-running XL.